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Below are some interesting links for viewers interested in miniature arms.
If you have a website you'd like to see included, please contact the webmaster.
Wayne Driskill Miniature Arms Dealer

Bob Urso's Pinfire Pistols & Tiniest Guns Book

The Guns of Master Maker David Kucer

Miniatures at the Sherline Craftsman Museum

John Hines Pinfire Guns and Ammo
David French Collection of Miniatures
Peter Dyson of England Miniature Guns.

Lew Callahan Miniatures

Hiroshi Goto Japanese 1/6 Scale Minis

Kimiaki Ohba of Japan Miniature Guns

Menefe Collectible Miniature Firearms

Charleston Mini Gun Works

Henry Loos Mini Weapons Ebay Store

Paul Hamler's Blog
Julian Vaise's Miniature Army Website
Burke Gallery Guns

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