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I'd like to join the Miniature Arms Society
Please fill out as much information as you feel comfortable sharing with fellow members. 
We never give, or sell information about
our members.  
At a minimum we require name, address, phone, and if you have one an email address. 

Print this page and mail this application, including your check or money order for $45.00 ($50.00 Canada & Mexico or $65 all other international).
After initial year, dues are $35.00 for U.S.
($40.00 Canada & Mexico or $55 all other international)Annual dues are due on January 1st of each year.
payable to Miniature Arms Society, to

Alice McGinnis
2109 Spring Street
Cross Plains, WI 53528




OCCUPATION STATUS (active/retired)


I have some full-scale experience as: Gunsmith Knifemaker Engraver Other:

I am a full scale collector of:




I am a novice/advanced collector of miniature; Firearms Artillery Knives Other

Specialty or Comments:



I am a novice/advanced maker of miniature; Firearms Artillery Knives Other

Specialty or Comments:



Do you have special skills that can help the Society?



Membership in other related groups:



How or from whom did you learn of this Society?



I, the undersigned applicant, state that I do not have a criminal record nor is there any reason or record that would prevent me from acquiring a Federal Firearms License if I so desired. Further, I agree to support the Society and to uphold and promote the highest of ethical standards in the making, selling and collecting of miniature arms and in associated activities. I sign and present this application with the knowledge that I may be dismissed from the Society if I purposely fail to meet these standards.


Please note: The information from the above is used to compose your entry in the "MAS ROSTER/DIRECTORY". This entry will note your name, address, and phone number; plus your miniature status and interest as a Collector/Maker, and any special interest or talent, etc. This information will be available to MAS members only.

Alice McGinnis, 2109 Spring Street,  Cross Plains, WI 53528  -  Tel. (608) 798-2860 -  mcginnr@chorus.net

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